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Shopping! We all do it, but do we enjoy it? With hectic lifestyles leading the way, for some it has become a chore rather than a pleasure and even if you do enjoy it are you shopping in the most effective way for you, your lifestyle and your budget? Shopping for yourself should give you confidence, make you feel great and be a whole lot of fun!

The is where personal stylist & personal shopper The Wardrobe Insider comes in handy with the interactive personal shopping ‘Retail Therapy’ experience; a bespoke shopping day designed just for you and tailored to find you exactly what to wear.  Whether it be a whole new wardrobe, some new work wear pieces or a glam party dress, we will find it and all that make you feel totally amazing, no exceptions!

As a leading personal shopper in London, The Wardrobe Insider’s main aim throughout the experience is to boost your shopping confidence, help you feel amazing, provide you with personal style advice that is relevant to your requirements and create fun styling solutions to your personal shopping dilemmas as well as showing you what to wear in specific brands (from high street fashion to designer. All hat suit your age, shape, colouring, lifestyle and importantly budget.

There are various shopping locations that personal stylist Katie recommends but your personal shopper day can take place wherever you feel comfortable and all can be discussed at time of booking. Each day is slightly different given that it’s so bespoke but here is an insight into what your personal stylist Katie will help you with:


So whether a lack of confidence is stopping you enjoying high street fashion, time constraints are holding you back, poor shopping habits are influencing your daily ‘what to wear’ or you love shopping but need a little style advice then the Retail Therapy Personal Shopper experience is for you.

Retail Therapy: £899 (Plus travel expenses) - a full day of shopping.


What people are saying:

"I booked a Retail Therapy experience as I always seemed to be buying very safe pieces (loads of black) or pieces inappropriate for my lifestyle but that had caught my eye. I also hated trying things on, so always just guessed whether they would fit.

The experience was much more structured and focused than I have managed before and I loved the results. I have been weaned off black a little, gone for quality over quantity and now have the basis of a really great / adaptable working and leisure-time wardrobe, to which I now add to in a thoughtful, not haphazard way!

I now feel so much more confident about my appearance, which has made a real difference in my professional life and socially. Katie’s professionalism and sense of fun made the whole experience a pleasure."

Su Goodwin

"I never thought I would seek advice from a personal stylist, but I am so happy I did thanks to Katie! The reason I say this is that I’m generally quite confident about the way I dress and actually work in the fashion and beauty industry so I’m exposed to trends/styling tips every day.

However, recently I have had (and coming up!) a lot of hen do weekends, weddings, etc and found myself getting into a rut and feeling overwhelmed by all the different outfits I wanted to plan. So I booked the Retail Therapy experience and loved it. Katie took the time to understand how and why I buy certain pieces, how I see my current style and what I wanted to get out of the session. She wasn’t patronising or intimidating and her tips and advice were personal to me– this is what stood out!

I have ended up with a flood of new outfit ideas from my wardrobe, plus a collection of new on-trend pieces that I can’t get enough. I would highly recommend The Wardrobe Insider!"

Helen Bryant

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