Personal Shopper for Men’s style

You don’t have to be a genius to know that the words ‘man’ and ‘shopping’ aren’t the perfect match but for some, it means ultimate dread and even worse, means sacrificing looking and feeling their best, through not wanting to venture into the midst of retail.

Well if this is you, or perhaps it is your husband or partner, then you have come to the perfect place as The Wardrobe Insider’s personal shopping experience for men is all about a creating a stress free, effortless and efficient way of updating your wardrobe.

Whether you have completely lost your way when it comes to your image, you need a seasonal refresh to keep you looking up to date and on point or you feel really confident with your style, but simply don’t have time to shop, the personal shopping day will give you the results you want. Here is what you can expect from a day with personal stylist and personal shopper Katie:

I am not saying that you have to love shopping with a passion after this experience guys, but you HAVE to get dressed everyday and we all want to feel our best through our image, so why not let me help you make it as fuss free and enjoyable as possible and give you all the tools to feel totally awesome, all the time!

If you are looking at the Dapper Chap Shopping experience as a gift for a boyfriend, husband or partner then take a look at my Gift Vouchers page where you can give them a stylish voucher and they can book it directly when they are ready.

Dapper Chap: £750 (plus travel expenses) – A full day of shopping
Location: Westfield London - Shepherds Bush (other locations can be organised)



What people are saying:

"Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful retail experience. Really happy with the results and had a lovely time too. Good luck with the business; you are excellent at what you do and great company. You deserve every success."

Andrew Mcrosson

"I don't have too much spare time and don't really want to spend what free time I do have shopping for clothes, so I really wanted to use a personal shopper this time and get my shopping done quickly in one go, including style advice. Had a fantastic time shopping with Katie. Katie is very focused with the shopping and knows her stuff, but at the same time she made it enjoyable and it was more like I was shopping with a friend that happens to be a personal shopper. A great mix of items that would be interchangeable and things I'd never have thought of choosing myself. The next time I need to shop, I will definitely contact Katie."

Andy Forrester

"The Wardrobe insider surprised me in that I did about 3 years worth of shopping (by my standards) in 1 day. Katie was really a pleasure to shop with - friendly, helpful and really loves what she does.

My usual disorganised, indecisive, and very unproductive clothes shopping experience was made efficient (again 3 years worth of clothes for me!), beautifully methodical and well within budget. Ideal for those who "don't have the time" (or can never find it) to properly sort out their wardrobe, for those who need a little guidance, and those who actually want break away from their safe options, but don't know where to start - well, Katie does. "

Edward Russell

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