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Whether you love or loathe your wardrobe, it holds many memories; gifts from loved ones, those fun splurge pieces that you HAD to have, that designer piece that you queued for hours to buy but now don’t how to wear, and those old favourites that we wear over and over again because they are comfy & easy!

Regardless of how our wardrobe is made up, we all want the same thing; to be able to maximise each piece, get ultimate cost per wear and fully enjoy the potential of all our clothes.

What if someone were to say that its possible for you to wear ALL of your clothes in multiple ways, feel renewed in brand new outfit combinations, and know exactly how to mix and match each piece to achieve your dream wardrobe, all without spending a penny? Cue the Outfit Organiser style experience from personal stylist and personal shopper The Wardrobe Insider.

Designed to reignite the passion and love for your wardrobe and save you valuable money in the long run, the what to wear Outfit Organiser experience is perfect for those who feel overwhelmed by the amount of clothes they have and as a result are only wearing between 20% & 50%. Or, perhaps you love all of your clothes and feel the essence is there but know that you could be maximising all the fabulousness a little better.

It’s hard to say goodbye to any of your clothes when you have these feelings and if they all complement you in the right ways and the love is there, then why not make them work with some forever fashion advice.

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The wardrobe styling Outfit Organiser experience is a fun day spent in the comfort of your own creating innovative outfit combinations with your existing clothes and showing you the value of clever wardrobe styling. Here is a stylish lowdown of what you can expect from Personal stylist & personal shopper Katie:

This fun packed day of wardrobe styling and what to wear advice with personal stylist and personal shopper Katie will leave you feeling totally energised, fabulously confident and literally, a whole ‘new’ wardrobe!

Outfit Organiser: £899 (plus travel expenses) – a full day of outfit creation



What people are saying:

"I had a BRILLIANT day yesterday. You are a true professional....amazing service and style!!! I just can't believe all the amazing outfits you created.......I am so looking forward to wearing everything."

Ann Nealon

"I have been working with Katie on a monthly basis for outfit styling and having recently started a new role with the Overseas finance team, packing stylish outfits for my trips has become an essential but Katie has consistently outdone herself as with her creativity and how varied each outfit is.

She helps me style corporate outfits for meetings with CFOs across Canada, where first impressions are of great importance. The styled outfits are so well put together and always help me look and feel my best. Looking good feels good and has a real positive impact on how I am perceived in a corporate environment and gives me so much confidence. I now receive so many compliments which is a real feel good factor!

Katie you are awesome – it’s amazing that we get so many outfits each time."

Meera Vairavanathan

"Wow, wow wow - thank you soooooooo much!!!! You are an absolute star – I am looking at Dropbox EVERY day to pick a new outfit. I no longer have to worry about wearing the same thing twice."

Plum Musk

"To say you have been a star does not even cover it. I can’t believe how many outfits we have created and how differently I am now looking at my clothes. You are so amazing – thank you thank you Katie."

Nicola Pittman

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