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Are you manic at work or with the kids and no time to shop for that date in the diary? Then the Inbox Outfit personal shopper experience is for you! Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper The Wardrobe Insider knows how hectic life can be and how the to-do list can be forever endless so finding what to wear in a hurry that works for the occasion and makes you feel GREAT isn’t always simple, but with this virtual fashion advice experience, the perfect outfit is just around the corner!

Inbox Outfit is a simple, easy and effective online shopping service designed to find your perfect outfit without the stress. Via the world of online retail, Katie, Personal Stylist at The Wardrobe Insider will be on a personal shopping mission to find exactly what you need for your chosen occasion in the form of put-together outfits and exciting accessories, all that suit your body shape and individual style and all complete with tailored styling notes and top tips that help you piece it all together.


The results will be delivered straight to your inbox in a bespoke email, giving you all the tools to look your absolute best and ensuring that you do know exactly what to wear! Your own personal stylist and personal shopper in your computer, bespoke fashion advice in an instant and online shopping simplified – what are you waiting for?

Tell me what you need, click the link, buy what you like, wear it, look fabulous! Simple!

Inbox Outfit: £500.00



What people are saying:

“The ‘Inbox outfit’ was such a fun and easy way to shop! I was struggling to find a dress for a Bond Themed wedding recently and the Wardrobe Insider helped me find the perfect outfit. I supplied the wardrobe insider with a description of what I wanted, and she sent me links to different websites, some that I hadn’t shopped at before that helped me to find and create the most amazing outfit. Simple and effective !!! 10/10.”

Nicola Bobb

“I have always found my shopping trips tiring, time consuming and ultimately disappointing. Having said all that, I love to look sharp and I don't have a bottomless budget - what should I do? I used a Pro! - It seems obvious once you've done it (I'd hire a professional for anything else that requires skills I don't have!). I used the Wardrobe Insider's 'Inbox Outfit' service and I couldn't recommend it enough! One email to Katie, with a general outline of what I wanted and 'PING' she came straight back with some perfectly thought out selections and some further questions to hone in on the perfect dinner suit for me. A few email exchanges later and she found the perfect Tux, from somewhere I never would have ever walked into, AND she phoned them to check some exacting details. Brilliant! ”

Matt Lindsay

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